Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day 3

Luke continues to do well and is making good progress through his recovery process. They weaned him off his nitric oxide overnight and he did just great with that. They are hoping to take out the breathing tube later today since he no longer needs the nitric oxide. That's definitely a big step for him.

They gave him some donor blood this morning since he drained quite a bit last night, but nothing the docs are concerned about. Once he received the blood, his saturation levels went up and he pinkened up quite a bit. Also, his chest tubes (he has three) have really slowed down and are not putting out hardly anything, which is another good sign. The doctors are really pleased with how he's doing! His heart is being paced with a temporary pacemaker, but they think once they let him wake up a bit more, his heart rate should go up on it's own. They are keeping him pretty sedated with the breathing tube still in, but hopefully later today they'll let him wake up a bit more. It's even possible he can have a bottle tonight or tomorrow morning. I know he will like that!

Rog and I are doing well ... we got a good night's sleep last night in the hotel down the street and are mostly hanging out in Luke's ICU room. Luke did get a roommate yesterday so it's been a blessing to connect with another family going through heart surgery! This little boy is only 5 months old and it's his first open-heart surgery, so Luke is showing him the ropes =)

Please pray for continued progress and no complications!!!

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