Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine Outtakes

My sweet boys surprised me with red tulips, a sassy new computer bag, and a homemade card on Valentine's Day.

Part B of the gift, which was unintentional, was finding these on our camera a week later:

Thank you, Daddy, for being persistant!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

O Say Can You See

These beautiful brownish/hazelish eyes checked out perfect today!

We had our follow-up appointment with Dr. Day, the optometrist, this morning (the same optometrist both mom and dad see — sorry kiddo, genetics are not on your side for a glasses-free future). Besides a tiny astigmatism he wants to watch, Luke's vision is normal. No eye patch for this kid!

After moaning and groaning this morning about going to the eye doctor (which we had been pumping up as a big adventure), Luke again came through in the clutch. He is so funny, the anticipation is much worse for him than the event. He was a stellar patient and oh so cooperative.

"Okay, Luke," Dr. Day says, "I'm just going to look to see what color your eyes are."

"Oh! My eyes are black!"

See? Very helpful.