Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 5

Luke is doing fairly well ... this is the hardest part of recovery ... he is awake enough to be uncomfortable, but not well enough to be mobile yet. Although I did get to hold him a bit yesterday (a big production with all those wires and tubes!) You can just tell it is hard for him to get comfortable. He can't open his eyes very much since he is so swollen, but he's hanging in there. He gets all the grace in the world for being grumpy.

They removed all three of his chest tubes yesterday, so that was great. His lungs are sounding clearer, too. They are working today to get him to "diurese" which basically means they want him to let go of the fluid he's retaining, in his lungs and head. So we're celebrating his wet diapers! He is still on supplemental oxygen and the pacemaker wires to control his heart rate (it's too low on its own right now).

Luke is eating well from the bottle, which is a great thing and Rog and I are doing our best to keep him comfortable and to keep his busy hands away from his IV's.

Please pray that he would be able to rest well today and that God would take away any discomfort he's experiencing. It's going to be a tough couple days for him, but hopefully he'll be feeling much better by the weekend. They are guesstimating Monday we may move out of the ICU.

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