Sunday, August 26, 2007

Luke enjoying his time at Children's too much

Luke has decided he's not quite ready to go home yet, much to his parents' disappointment! Yesterday, Luke's chest x-ray showed a little fluid pocket in the left lung and his saturation levels would dip below comfort level, so they ordered another x-ray this morning. Thankfully, it looks a little better than yesterday, so they are just giving him a couple of doses of Lasix through an IV (which is more effective than an oral dose) instead of having to insert a new drainage tube (which they were going to do if his x-ray didn't improve from yesterday).

It's been a bit of a tough morning since he's had to have an IV put back in and his oxygen is back on, but we are praising the Lord that the fluid is less than yesterday. We are praying that the Lasix does the trick and that we will be back on track to get home this week. They were confident we'd be home tomorrow, so we're definitely feeling some disappointment this morning. It's also hard to see things going back ON Luke at this point, since he was pretty much free from all his wires for a couple days.

The other thing we're thankful for is that they caught this before we got home. It would have been much tougher to have to come back to the hospital rather than extend our stay a couple days. Please pray that Luke's lungs clear up quickly and that we would be on our way home!

Luke continues to have a joyful spirit through all this, and is making friends all over the floor =)

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