Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Movin' out of the ICU

We are out of the ICU as of today and onto the surgical recovery floor! After an EKG this morning, they saw that Luke's heart rhythm is back to where it should be! Our nurse, Kim, even did a "p-wave dance" in celebration! We now are praying it stays in sinus rhythm. So, it looks like Luke won't be needing a pacemaker at this time. Thank you for your prayers! God is so faithful.

Grandma Janis bought Luke his giraffe
when he graduated to the Giraffe Floor!

The move happened really quickly. We were again sharing a room in the ICU with a pretty critical case, a girl waiting for a transplant, and there was often a lot of stressful commotion on her half of the room. Our heart aches for that little girl and her family, and I'm sure the staff here were anxious to remove us from her tough situation. So, we said good-bye to our doctors and nurses and made the trip to Giraffe Floor 4. The move to the floor, although one step closer to home, means a change from 1 nurse: 1 patient care to 1 nurse: 3 patients care. Needless to say, this change can come with some new challenges.

Our next and last hurdle (hopefully) is getting Luke off his oxygen. We're not sure how long that will take, and that will determine how long we're here. But our room on the floor is much more spacious with big windows and a nice view, so that's all really nice.

Another huge blessing today is how much better Luke is feeling. He is so much more like himself again. We're not sure if that's because his heart rhythm has changed, or he is just daily feeling better. He is playful and smiley, babbling again ... it's so nice!

We give thanks to the Lord for a great day!

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