Monday, November 27, 2006

5 weeks and 6 days to go

I am in absolute shock that I am six weeks away from meeting my son! Aaaah!

Our nursery is pretty much done, I even washed all Luke's clothes this weekend and put them in drawers. We have one more birth class this Wednesday (which we've actually really enjoyed ... although the trying out different labor positions last week got us giggling pretty good). In one station, we were supposed to put our hand in ice for 60 seconds, and carry on a conversation with your partner. Then, you switched hands for another 60 seconds, this time concentrating on visualization and breathing. Not a good sign when that didn't help at all =)) Rog said I was a sure candidate for an epidural ;-). Then I told him I'm much better under pressure =))

We met with our pediatrician we've chosen last week, and absolutely loved him. He loves the Lord and is praying for Luke's health. Next week is my last appointment with the OB before I start to go every week. At that point, they start checking to see if you're dilating! Very exciting. I have still been feeling pretty darn good. The hardest part lately is not feeling like I can get full breaths. He's really squishing my diaphragm/lungs. A few weeks before labor, the baby is supposed to "drop" which will help, I've heard.

He's still aerobicizing like crazy and I can't wait to meet this little wiggle-worm!

We had our final appointment with the pediatric cardiologist last week, and he was really happy about how Luke's heart is growing and looking. He basically is leaving it up to Luke, when his first surgery will be. Anywhere between a few weeks to a few months. Our cardiologist is so great, and has already communicated to my OB that he does not want my delivery to be any different if at all possible. I feel like he's really protecting that for us. He doesn't want extra docs in the room, or for baby to be taken right to ICU (which if not communicated, I'm sure would happen). So we're very thankful for that. He'll come by about 6 hours after baby is born, to check how he is doing. But because baby's circulation isn't truly his own for a few days, he doesn't feel like there's any need for him to be in the ICU.

So, along with Luke's heart, please keep that in your prayers, that I will have a safe and normal delivery, and that Luke will get to stay in the room with us!