Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pre-Op for the Glenn

We had a great day up at Children's on Friday for Luke's pre-op appointments. Everything went smoothly and we are set to head up there Wednesday morning for Luke's surgery. (They bumped us from the 7th to the 8th because of a newborn who needs the slot on Tuesday). We had a great consultation with Dr. Cohen (the surgeon) and feel much more prepared for surgery #2 and came away with some specific prayer requests! He really does think Luke will do great, but this is a tough surgery, probably the toughest of the three. Not necessarily a tough procedure for the surgeon, but a huge physiological change for Luke ... he will have to work hard to adapt to his new physiology. That's why recovery can be pretty tough coming out of this surgery. We are looking at 4-6 days in the ICU, and much of that on the ventilator. Also, we have been prepared for Luke to be really swollen and uncomfortable for several days. Dr. Cohen assures us it will go away, but he will definitely not look like Luke for a little while. It's a tough balance, because they want to keep him as comfortable as possible, but they also don't want him completely sedated because the sooner he starts breathing on his own again, the better. So, although we are ready and know that God's faithfulness and sovereignty are complete, we are definitely anxious and would covet your prayers. Here are some specific requests:

  • Please pray for Dr. Cohen, for his health and safety leading up to the surgery and for a steady hand and focused mind. Mostly for God to guide him as he operates on Luke.
  • Prayer for Luke's recovery - that he would come of the breathing tube as quickly as possible; that there would be no infections or complications that would keep us in the hospital; that he would be comfortable; for Rog and my strength and endurance
  • There is a small, small chance that post-surgery, Luke's pressures in his heart and saturation levels would not be where they need to be and they would have to go back in and adjust some things. Please pray that this Glenn procedure would take perfectly!
  • Please pray for wisdom for all the nurses and doctors who come in contact with Luke
We got to see a few familiar faces up at Children's on Friday, and were reminded how thankful we are for that hospital. We know we are in the best hands!

Rog and I thank you so much for your support and prayers and we will definitely keep you posted on Luke's recovery. We look forward to the day we are back at home, but between now and then we praise God that He will be walking us through!

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