Friday, August 24, 2007

Luke update - doing great!

A big step ... Luke's oxygen was turned off as of last night and he did really well keeping his sats up through the night. We are excited to have one more thing removed! Also they're going to take out his pacemaker wires this morning, so he will be totally free except for a couple monitors! They are going to also take out his chest tube sutures and give him a bath ... he needs it!

They are hopeful to get us home this weekend, which would be amazing!

He has been so happy, and has loved his walks through the hospital Rog and I take him on. He is back to his old self, smiling and flirting at everyone passing by!

The more we're here at Children's the more we give thanks for this place. It truly is an amazing hospital, not just the cardiothoracic staff (which we're finding out is world-renowned) but the family-friendly environment.

Thank you for your continued prayers for healing for Luke, they are the biggest gifts you could give our family.

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