Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Any day now ...

Well, I'm dilated to a 3 already an 80% effaced. I like this part of labor ... my body's doing the work but I'm not in any pain yet =) My OB this morning said it's a good sign to be dilating and effacing before true labor sets in ... it supposedly can mean a shorter/easier labor. Wouldn't that be great? She also said she didn't expect to see me at my appointment next wednesday. Unreal. I'm feeling a lot of emotions right now, fear of the unknown, excitement, anxiety that we have everything ready .... Plus I'm not sleeping very well, so I think I'm all-around just low-energy. I'm planning on working through this week and if the baby hasn't come next week, working from home. They say you go into your "nesting" mode and it's true. I just want to be at home with Rog.

I thought I may be going into labor on Christmas eve ... was feeling crampy and a little nauseous, but Luke decided to hang out a while longer. Which is good! I want him to be as big as possible. Rog has been amazing. He is so attentive and available for me. I'm so thankful for a partner like him in this.

I have to share with you the coolest blessing we got on Christmas eve. We left my mom's to go home for a few hours and both of us were just feeling so unsettled. Part of it was that Dr. Stefanelli was out of town until the 26th and we really want him to be there when I go into labor. Anyway, we just prayed on the way home for peace and strength and that Luke would wait until Stefanelli was back in town. We got home and within 30 minutes, Dr. Stefanelli's number came across our caller id. I talked with him for about 15 minutes, he said he was back in town and not going anywhere and we got some last minute questions answered. He is just so calm and reassuring. God knew we needed that. What doctor calls to check in on Christmas Eve?? It was awesome.