Thursday, January 11, 2007

First Photos!

Very intellectual from the start, as you can see ...

My first good nap since being born!
Proud Daddy if I ever saw one ...
Hangin' out with Dad in the NICU

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Luke's here!

Email sent from Jesse's sister announcing the arrival of Luke:

I wanted to let you know that the unbearably gorgeous Luke Scott Smith joined our family today at 12:14pm. He weighed in at 7 lbs. 4 oz. and measured 20 1/2 inches - a big boy for my tiny little sis! This, coupled with the fact that the medical personnel were being extra careful because of Luke's heart condition, he required some suction to make his way out a bit faster. Jesse handled every moment with grace and determination.

Right after birth, Luke was able to spend a few minutes with his mommy and daddy, then he was taken down to the neo-natal ICU for tests and monitoring. Every piece of news that came out was encouraging: strong heart rate, steady breathing, good coloring, and when it came time to feed, he took to the breast like a champ!

Jes will be recovering in the hospital for the next day or so, and Luke will have to stay for two or three days before any determination is made about the timing of his first surgery. If all continues to go well, he'll be able to come home for a few weeks (or more!) before any major procedure is done. We're hoping...

In all the excitement, my mom left the camera with all the great pictures on it at the hospital. I'll send a few along as soon as I can. Y'all have to see Luke. He's gonna be a heartbreaker.

Lots of love,
Aunt Jenny