Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lava Monsters

I'm pretty sure the Lava Monsters creamed Luke's team, the Force, on Monday night. Actually, I'm very sure. I'm also very sure watching four and five year olds "play" basketball is a humorous and delightful experience.

Luke's first game was on his birthday and my newly-turned five year old made his basketball debut doing this:

cheering his head off ...
giving the fans what they want ... (it's hard to tell, but Luke is giving a thumbs up to his "fans" (grandmas and grandpas))

and this:
scoring his first basket!

If you then would have turned the camera on me, you would have seen a blubbering mess. The tears were not because he made a basket. They were because my son was born five years ago with only one ventricle and we never knew if he would be able to run and play with friends.

I dried my tears and continued to cheer on my son; and my God who has been so faithful.


  1. oh man tears for sure. I got a little choked up too. :) I also love that Luke just turned 5 and is his jersey number is 5 too! Great memory!

  2. Another "thumbs up" from up here! We're so glad he's enjoying life to the fullest!

  3. Hooray!!!!! What an amazing kid!