Monday, January 23, 2012

Kung Fu Fighting!

Luke recently discovered Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, the T.V. show on Nickelodeon. He so likes this show he decided to forgo his original idea of a dinosaur party (you read right, he forewent dinosaurs) and instead have a Kung Fu Panda party for his big fifth birthday.

This would be his first "friend" birthday party and I love who he chose to invite. His best buddy, Marcus, of course, and his best friend from school, Kayser. Those were the only two guests his age. The rest were kids from the neighborhood, ranging from ages six to 14. Nonna Yvonne was there to help with the littlest guest, Laney.

Our first activity was "Kung Fu Freeze". We let the kids pick a Kung Fu Panda character mask:

Then we blasted the song "Kung Fu Fighting" and had the kids freeze in a Kung Fu move when the music paused. Whoever fell was "out":

I wouldn't want to meet these Kung Fu masters in a dark alley!

The kids then teamed up boys versus girls and played hide and seek while we got the pizza cooking.

Before dinner, we opened presents and realized Luke's friends know him well! He got a dinosaur Lego, a dinosaur-land mat with dinosaurs, a dinosaur sandwich cut-out, a remote-control raptor and Hungry, Hungry Hippo (a nice deviation from the dinosaur theme!).

Dinner was devoured and then it was time for Pin the Nose on Po.

Time for cake!

Parents would be arriving soon and the last activity of the afternoon was for the kids to hunt for their own favor. Luke and I decorated chinese take-out boxes for each of the guests, put little surprises in them, and hid them around the house.

I sure hope Luke had as much fun as I did at his party. Once all the kids left was when the fun really started though: Clean up!

Guests: Madison, Emma, Amy, Sonny, Nonny, Kayser, Marcus


  1. Luke had a blast, Laney loved all the action, and so proud of mommy for her talented party planning! First friend party = Super Success!