Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Day 2

The number of answered prayers we've witnessed the last day and a half is mind-boggling. And those prayers are sustaining us on day two, when our sweet boy has had to battle. My heart aches for him. The cry of my heart is that God is working to deepen his faith, to make good from this battle. I know He will. Prayer is not just words when you're in the midst of hard. It is everything.
Luke is currently sitting propped up in a chair, which was a big, scary hurdle for him. He is not happily sitting, but he's sitting. In the next hour they are planning to remove his chest tube, which is going to piss him off even more. Even though he knows it is one big step closer to the floor and then home, he is still scared. With good reason. Please continue to pray for his spirit. He is having a sad and mad day. With good reason.

The progress Luke is making is astonishing, especially because both of Luke's other open heart surgeries have been so riddled with complications and setbacks and a slow, slow pace. The nurses keep telling us that a nine-year-old body is so much more able to tolerate the anatomical and physiological changes post-heart surgery. Luke is completely off his IV tree meds, has had his arterial line removed, catheter taken out, and next his chest tube and pacer wires should come out today. The speed of his progress has us on our knees in thanksgiving.

The nurses also keep telling us that days 2 and 3 post-op are the most acute, so we are praying that after tomorrow the Luke spirit we've loved for nine years will start to shine through again. I can't wait to show him text after text and message after message of love and support for him. He is one loved little boy. Thank you.
The word on the street is that we may move out of the ICU and to the cardiac surgical floor tonight. That is a huge step toward home, but at the same time it's hard to leave the cocoon of the ICU. Please pray for a smooth transition and another stable night.

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