Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Graduate!

I'm a little stunned that my son is starting kindergarten in the fall. I'm also a little sad to say good-bye to this preschool. I would be a lot sad if I knew we wouldn't be back in two years with Laney.

Luke has two parents who both, as children, were terribly uncomfortable in new situations. I wouldn't take my coat off for the first two weeks of kindergarten. Roger got stomach aches before school every morning. Top genetics off with a not-so-normal and pretty-darn-isolated first couple of years of life and you get a kid who struggles with the transition to unfamiliar settings. This school was amazing in helping Luke battle through this. Both years, it took about the first three or four weeks until we could drop off with no tears.

Miss Brenda would repeatedly encourage me that his tears lasted a total of six seconds once I was gone and that once inside the classroom, he shone.

Miss Jill in the front office would put her arm around me and walk me to the door, telling me I was doing the right thing.

And I knew I was. I knew Luke and how much he loved the social and academic parts of school. You could tell he was always disappointed when I came to pick him up that the school day was over.

I know we may have more tears at the start of kindergarten, but I truly believe that he is learning to take pride in overcoming difficulties. And I pray, pray, pray learning the truth that he "can do all things through Christ" who strengthens him.

Luke, we are so proud of you. You do shine in the classroom. You are funny and smart and people want to be around you. I know your memories of preschool may not be vivid, but I hope you remember the love that Miss Brenda had for you and her daily hugs. I hope you remember Kayser and Isaac, your first "you-choose" friends. I hope you remember how much fun you had when it was your turn to be snack leader. I hope you remember the leprechaun hunt and circle time. I hope you remember that your mom and dad were so proud of you for facing your fears and persevering.

Happy Graduation!

Buddies Isaac and Kayser

The proud family

Sweet friend Isabella

A thumbs up day for sure!

Pastor Paul opening the graduation. He led chapel for the preschoolers every Monday.

Singing "To Kindergarten We Go!"

Singing "Deep and Wide"

I love how three of the four kids in this picture were fiddling with their caps.

Miss Brenda. You are forever dear to our hearts.

So into it!

The face of pride.

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