Sunday, May 4, 2008

Splish splash

Just wanted to share some cute pictures of Luke in his bath this weekend. In the second picture, you can really see how faint his "zipper" is becoming.

From our perspective, he is doing so well and are praying for Dr. Stefanelli to confirm that on May 27th. I believe he will have an echocardiogram done at this appointment, along with all the usuals (chest x-ray, ecg, sat check, blood pressure, height and weight). Luke has such a unique heart anatomy that Dr. S. rescheduled us to come in while a visiting physician is in the office. We're okay with letting other doctors in on what we already know: Luke's heart is

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  1. Little luke is darling.... Look at that sweet smile... thank you so much for letting us add him to our Hero's list...