Thursday, May 8, 2008


I shared about our Sparrow school in yesterday's post, and once again they blessed us with their hospitality and love for us! We arrived right behind the Mariner Moose van and the welcoming committee was at the door waiting for us with balloons and banners. We headed down to the soccer field where the kids were going to walk their laps. Everyone was so excited to see Mr. Luke and how big he's getting. He was surrounded by kids almost the whole time and he did fantastic! The only tears came when the Moose walked up to him the first time. Oops, we forgot to tell him to approach slowly =) Don't worry, though, by the end of our time there, all Luke wanted to do was be near the Moose.

The pictures we took tell the story of our wonderful afternoon at St. Monica's:

Not yet sure if this tall, furry thing is safe.

Daddy, mommy, Luke and the Moose.
We even got his autograph!

Okay, maybe he isn't so mean and scary.
Maybe I even think he's funny!

The older kids took such good care of Luke.

Luke "walking" with the big kids.

The beautiful banners the kids made for
our visit. How cute are these girls?

And the rain held off and the sun was out ... thank you Lord for a great day!

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  1. Jesse,
    What a great event! I love the idea that the kids are learning to give and care for others. Love it!