Friday, April 18, 2008

Lukey looks good in orange

Yesterday, lookin' good in his World Vision orange, Luke was finally introduced in person to my team that has prayed so diligently for him the past year and a half.

Each morning, teams at World Vision meet for 15-30 minutes for devotions. This is a time of small-group reflection/prayer/praise with co-workers before the start of the busy day. Yesterday was the first time I led a devotion since my maternity leave back in January of 2007. Since we are mostly through the nasty cold and flu season and have no upcoming surgeries, I felt comfortable bringing Luke into the office for the first time since he was born. To say this was a blessing and a celebration is an understatement! I was overwhelmed with emotion as I looked around the room at these faithful friends who had supported Rog and me through prayer. Prayers said on behalf of a little boy they had never even met. It reminded me of the great work World Vision does, helping the poor, the hungry, the oppressed — whom we may never meet — half a world away.

Luke is such an example of God's faithfulness, His trustworthiness, and His love for us. May his story of his heart always lead people to God through Christ.

Luke wearing his World Vision name badge


  1. Jesse,
    What a wonderful post. You really are blessed.

  2. Smith Family, thank you for your note to us, it is such an encouragement to hear from other heart families that have gone down this path before us and gives us confidence we can summon the strength from God that you have to weather the storms with our little Johnathan. Thank you and God bless you.