Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sparrow Clubs

Sick kids get help. Healthy kids become heroes. Schools become sanctuaries.

This is the mission of Sparrow Clubs, an organization we were introduced to last August through my boss, Skip. Driving to work, he heard an ad on the radio encouraging listeners to connect children in medical crisis with local schools willing to "adopt" a Sparrow for the school year. Our family came to his mind and he called the organization and filled out an application on our behalf. I know, above and beyond the duties of a boss.

We were contacted near the end of August by Jeff Leeland, the founder of Sparrow Clubs, excited to connect us with St. Monica's School in Mercer Island. Luke was "adopted" by St. Monica's at an all-school assembly on September 19. The Sparrow school commits to community service and fundraising projects for their "adoptee" throughout the year. The best part of this experience has been seeing how commited St. Monica's has been to our family. They pray for us daily, welcome us to all their special school events, and love to receive updates on how we are doing.

Tomorrow, the kids (it's a K-8 school) are holding a Walk-a-thon at the school for Luke. We are heading up there in the early afternoon to walk with the kids and the Mariner Moose! I think I'll be more excited about that part than Luke =) We love this school and feel so thankful for their consistent and whole-hearted support of us. I'll post some pictures tomorrow of our big walk!

If you are interested in more information on this fantastic organization, the Web site is


  1. what a wonderful idea and a blessing!

  2. It's been one year since Luke was adopted by St Monica's School. What an inspriration Luke and your family has been to hundreds of kids! God bless you ...