Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dietician appointment and more

Luke had his follow-up appointment with Judy, his dietician, this afternoon, and he is right on track! She thought he looked fantastic and his weight was 21 pounds, 8 ounces, right at the 10th percentile. His height was up to the 15th percentile (yea!) at a little over 30" and his weight-to-length ratio was just under 50%, so our little guy is not underweight or overweight! I think that even with a perfectly functioning heart, this is the weight/height Luke would be, and that's comforting to me. These past six weeks have been the most relaxed I've been with Luke's eating and weight. I am continually learning that I can provide him with a variety of foods and a healthy eating environment, but from there, it's Luke's responsibility and I need to trust him. I know I don't have anything to compare him to, but I think he's a good eater. He tries a lot of different kinds of food and he seems to enjoy food. My prayer has always been that my anxiety over his weight would never affect the way he thinks about food.

So, a good appointment! She wants to see us in two months and at that point, we'll see how Luke does without his reinforcements (Pediasure and Just for Kids). The hope is that without these caloric dense drinks, he will compensate by eating more solid foods.

A couple of unrelated things ... one, a picture I just have to post because he's just so darn cute:

Two, here is what happens when Mom tries to get a quick load of laundry folded. How many times have I heard other moms say that it's never a good sign when the house is too quiet ... I should know better!

Three, I am flying to Minnesota on Saturday for my dear friend Megann's wedding and would love prayer for a safe trip and for peace during the 48 hours I'm away from my baby! He'll be at home with Dad, so I know he'll be in good hands and will do just fine ... it's me I'm worried about!

Four, I'll ask for prayer for Luke's cardiology appointment on Tuesday the 27th. Luke hasn't had an echo since last September, so we are praying that his heart function looks great and specifically that the Glenn is working as it should be. After the operation, Luke's surgeon told us he did see the hole he had made in the first surgery between his two atria had "scarred down", something that is pretty rare. If for some reason, that happened again, they would need to surgically stint that hole. Please pray that that atrial hole is wide open!

Have a safe and happy long Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Lots of good news in this post! Have a safe trip Jesse.

  2. Oh he is so cute!!! He's getting so big.