Saturday, September 4, 2010

The "firsts" just keep coming!

Can you guess this newest milestone?

Yes, a big boy bed! Last weekend, we made the move ... this really has been a summer of such growth and stretching for our sweet boy. We were in no hurry to move Luke out of his crib. He is a cautious fellow, so we never had to worry about him jumping out and hurting himself. But about a month ago, Luke started asking if he could have a big boy bed. We told him we could when Daddy was home from camp and when the mailman brought his bedding. Saturday morning his new train bedding came, so it was time! I let Luke choose between a couple of quilts and his decision was decisive. Trains.

We spent Saturday afternoon moving his clothes, dresser, books and toys over to our old guestroom and I'm not sure Luke left his new room the entire afternoon.

The first night went exceptionally well. We prayed together in his room, then daddy stayed for a few more minutes in the glider. When he left, we were sure Luke would call out several times, or maybe even get out of bed and come find us. But what do you know? He fell asleep! At 12:15 am, we heard him cry out a little, so I went in and found him on the floor. The working theory is that he rolled off. Good thing we put his old crib mattress right next to his bed on the floor! I put him back onto his bed and he went right back to sleep and slept through the rest of the night. He has continued to fall asleep really well on his own, but he still wakes up once or twice in the night. He did this in his crib, too, and we're not sure why. It only takes one of us (usually daddy — thank you, hon!) to walk into his room and tell him to go back to sleep, and he does, but we sure would like our "big boy" to sleep all the way through the night.

We have a few cool train decorations coming, like this wall decal:

And if you stop by, you will be asked multiple times if you want to play with him in his big boy bedroom.


  1. I love the train bedding!! If I hadn't got such a good deal on Owen's safari bedding, I probably would have splurged on the train one. Luke looks so grown up in his big boy bed!

    We switched Owen over to his big boy bed in May and he has slept like a rock!! I hope it works out the same way for Luke!

  2. I had the honor and privilege of playing with Luke on his big boy bed. Beware! He has one special train pillow that is for Luke only, but he graciously shares the other ones. Love this sweet boy with all my heart - Nana Yvonne

  3. Way to go Luke! You are growing so fast.

  4. We had trouble with Rachel (and we know we'll have trouble with Ben) getting up repeatedly. We just plugged back in the motion sensor - the one you put under the crib mattress when they're first born - that's supposed to beep if it doesn't detect movement for 30 seconds - and voila - instant alert if she got out of bed.