Thursday, September 9, 2010


Day 1 of preschool was a HIT! Not a single, not even a triple. I'd call it a good old-fashioned home run. You would have thought he had been doing this for years! I just dropped him off for Day 2, and (with breath held and phone nearby) so far so good.

I am in awe of how God has worked this out. That's not to say I don't think there will be "off" days when Luke isn't as excited to go to school, but today, we are reveling in the faithfulness of God.

Part of why I think this first week has been successful is because of how Luke connected with his teacher during Open House. Miss Brenda has been a hot topic around our house, even the subject of a love declaration. "I told Nonna that Miss Brenda is awesome." Pause. "I love her." I think his connection with her has given him the confidence to separate painlessly from me for those two and a half hours.

We couldn't get too much information out of Luke about his first day (oh how I wanted to be a fly on the wall!) but here are a few snippets we pulled out:
  • They sang "The Wheels on the Bus"
  • Snack was apple juice and Winnie the Pooh crackers
  • Pastor Paul told the kids they could run around in the sanctuary
  • There are two boys in Luke's class with "pokey" hair (it's true ... two mohawks!)
Sounds like a pretty good day, doesn't it?

When I picked Luke up, I was able to ask Miss Brenda how he did. She told me that at one point she thought she heard Luke yelling and quickly asked him if he was ok. Luke replied, "Yep. I was just laughing really hard."

Luke, your mommy and daddy are so proud of you. You marched into your first day with such confidence and we already see leadership qualities in you. We pray you continue to love school and love your teacher. You have had many more hurdles than a lot of kids, and you continually surprise us with your ability to clear them. We love you with our whole hearts.


  1. These pictures are awesome Jess. I love the one with his HUGE backpack! hahaha! "I love her" oh my word. "I was just laughing really hard" that made me laugh out loud. I am celebrating with you with lots of smiles over here!

  2. Luke... you just put a great big smile on my face!!! Have fun in preschool!

  3. Yay, Luke! You look like a natural there on the school grounds. Keep up the good work and yes, mommy and daddy should be VERY proud of you! You are a star!

  4. Jess-
    Such great news. I was checking in with Rog during the day! He said the only time he had a tough time was when it was time to go home :) You have done such a great job preparing Luke and an amazing job preparing ALL of you spirtually for this big event! You are pretty wonderful!!!