Friday, August 27, 2010

Babysitters Extraordinaire

Last night marked another "first" for the Smith's in this world of parenthood — an official babysitting experience! As in leaving our cell phone numbers, figuring out the going-rate, giving last minute instructions and then driving away. Granted, our drive was two blocks to Luke's preschool for parent night, but still, a major milestone!

After walking Madison and Emma home, Luke cried through the walk home and most of his bath. I get it. These girls are extraordinary! When we got home from parent night, the three of them were playing this intricate game where Emma would throw a softball over our upstairs railing to the hallway. Luke would then throw it down the other side of the open hallway to Madison, who would try to hit it with a bat (a soft one!).

I may need to hire them again while I fill out all the medical paperwork for preschool. "Has your child had any surgical experiences?" "Does your child take any medications?" It's going to take me a while.


  1. So nice that Luke had a blast with his babysitters :) I hope preschool is a great experience for him!

  2. Oh how fun! It sounds like he was in good hands...and enjoying his time with them, as well!

    I hear you on the preschool paperwork. I had two different people call to talk about the paperwork I initially filled out for Elijah. Lots of stuff to cover! Good luck!

  3. I'm sure Luke had a blast!! They remind me of Kamryn and Owen. I'm thankful to have a built in babysitter! :)

    I was just filling out Kamryn's medical paperwork and it's all No, No, Never, and No. I know that Owen's will be the complete opposite.

    I can't believe Luke is going to be in Preschool!!!

  4. Oh my word this picture says it all! He had so much fun! That is so good for future outings!! I feel a date night coming on real soon! :) So fun!

  5. Jesse, You're right --- with our heart kiddos those medical forms take forever! We just don't get away with a simple N/A.
    Glad you've found some dependable babysitters! That's a big step!
    By the way, Luke is looking so grown up and handsome!
    Heart hugs,

  6. Should I be happy that Luke had such a great experience or sad that I wasn't his usual babysitter? Of course I'm thrilled that he got to spend time with friends and had so much fun. One more giant leap...

  7. How fun!! Glad that Luke enjoyed his time with the sitters.

  8. So wonderful. He is so adaptable isn't he? :)

  9. So fun! Fun that he did so well with sitters and fun that he is starting preschool! Can't wait to hear about his first few days in school. I am sure he will do GREAT!