Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flu shot ... finally

Our local mall had a vaccination clinic on Saturday, so Roger and I broke the news to Luke that today was the day. We tried to sell it by telling him he only had to get one this year instead of three like last year, but his panic overrode his math skills.

Luke re-enacting his whine.

We headed to the mall, Luke tearful and whiny on the way there, only to be told that we would need to show his vaccination records. Since I don't tend to carry that in my purse, we made our way home to get it. Then we got back in the car for another 10 minutes of whining and fretting (by Luke, of course!).

With vaccination record in hand, I added Luke's name to the list and was told it could take up to an hour for his name to be called. Good thing there is a cool play area right by the mobile clinic. About 25 minutes into our wait, a nurse steps out and announces that they have run out of the pediatric doses of the flu vaccine. But not to worry, they have plenty of doses for adults. Sigh.

I tell Luke it's time to go, that they've run out of flu shots today and we'll have to get ours a different day. He looks at me with a kind of appreciation I've never seen from him and says softly, "Oh Mama, thank you."

His tone today was a little different (and I've honestly never seen this superhuman strength he exhibited as he held his pants up), but I am so glad it's done. Flu? Don't come near our house!

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  1. What a brave boy!
    My 4 yr old daughter took a half hour just to get the flomist. Next time I think the shot might just be easier for her...
    We've never done flu vaccines before and now it's "a round for the whole family please".