Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Paper Lukey

We had our first family "homework" assignment this week. We were to trace an outline of Luke's body on white butcher paper, cut it out and decorate it however we liked. Here's Luke holding "Paper Lukey":

Today was day three of preschool and it was a little rougher than the other two. I think for three reasons: (love how I over-analyze everything.) 1. Luke's still not feeling 100% from his cold, 2. The novelty of going to school is starting to wear off (there were lots of tears today among lots of kiddos!), and 3. There was a table where the kids were to put their paper people and Luke was sorely disappointed he couldn't keep holding it.

Even though there were tears when I left, they must have stopped quickly. When I asked Jill, the office coordinator, to check on him five minutes later, he was doing great.

When I picked Luke up, as we were driving away, I told him how proud I was of him for having a great day even though he was a little sad at first. I told him that I loved how he turned his attitude around and chose to have fun with his teacher and friends. I think I said a couple other things when Luke chimed in, "Mom, can we get lunch?" Yep, another lesson taken to heart.

This little story has nothing to do with school, but it was too funny to not add:

We were walking in to the library this afternoon and there was an older man standing near the door, smoking a cigarette. I didn't even know Luke noticed, but he asked me, "Mom, when I get older, when I'm 11, can I put a candle in my mouth?"


  1. I can't not comment on these posts, you are cracking me up. I love that Luke is so matter of fact. I would love to know your response to the "candle" response!

  2. You're going to have to start the DARE program early with this kiddo. Too cute.

  3. Fantastic work Luke. And if you do the whole candle thing, my son will loudly tell you not to. That is what he did to the man sitting outside Target with "candle" in his mouth. :)

  4. First of all, LOVE the paper cutout!! :)

    I'm glad to hear overall preschool is going well. Hopefully he will fall into a routine and the tears will fade.

    Your story about having the conversation w/Luke is too familiar for me. The other night I said to Elijah, "Do you know that Mama loves you sooo much?" and he said, "Go pway outside?" Hmmm.

    Candle in the mouth, so cute! :)

  5. I hope you will keep this paper Lukey forever and post it on your wall. I love it! Of course, I love the real Lukey the best.