Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Like father...

Like father ...

Like son ...


So we ordered Luke this medical kit to hopefully help his next cardiology appointment (June 26th) go smoothly. Not that Dr. S. uses tweezers, a bedpan, or forceps. Wait, he doesn't wear big blue glasses either. Oh well, it can't hurt to try, right?

He actually has showed the most interest in the stethoscope and could not look cuter listening to Daddy's heart:

And can you believe how brave he is giving himself a shot? No less a shot in the shin!


  1. Hope the appointment goes well with all that prep :) We might employ some of those ideas, we're right behind you, seeing the cardio July 7!

  2. I think Rog missed his calling in life!!! Teacher, no way, i think he would make a perfect "mad cardiologist"! :)

  3. A shin shot, owie! :)

    What a great idea! I may have to steal this idea from you. The blue glasses are great. How funny.

    We will pray for your upcoming appointment! Hugs to that cute boy..xo

  4. Great idea...love it. May have to steal that one someday :) He is such a handsome little man!!! Miss you guys-

  5. What a cute future doctor!
    Zach loves to play with his dr kit and the stethoscope is his favorite too! I think it really is comforting for them to role play out their drs appt before hand so they are prepared and not so anxious about it. We always talk about it a few days before the appt. and Zach is just now getting better about not freaking out when the dr touches him.
    We will anxiously await the great news from Luke's appt!
    In His Love,
    Pam Owens