Friday, June 5, 2009

Where are you going, Time?

Luke is almost 29 months old. That is one month shy of the official 2 1/2. For the first 18 months of Luke's life, I could not relate to people who said they couldn't believe how fast their kids grew up. Luke's first 18 months felt at times like 18 years. Two open heart surgeries, 50-some days in the hospital, feeding tubes, terrible reflux, doctor's appointments do not add up to flying time. Then something strange happened. Today, as I watched Luke swing on a "big-kid" swing, looking like an old pro, it struck me that all those parents were on to something: Luke is growing up on me.

All day we hear, "Luke do it all by hisself." He is wearing Croc's. He is walking up and down stairs without holding on to anything for support. He has opinions and likes to share them (boy does he like to share them), and we see his sense of humor developing. Don't be fooled by his diapers and footed jammies. He is growing up on us.

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  1. It is so crazy, but you are so right about this. In one sense I feel like we have lived three lifetimes with Elijah. Now, though, I'm finding myself wondering why time is going so fast. I guess it's good that we realize it. It makes us step back and appreciate every moment.

    Luke looks like such a big boy on the swing. :)