Thursday, March 5, 2009

Running in circles

Luke's friend Marcus came over to play on Tuesday and one of the activities they chose to do was chase each other around our dining room table, stopping only to yell "meow" at the cat sitting innocently on a dining room chair.

Luke, having what I call an elephant's memory, decided he wanted to chase me around the dining room table last night. Around and around we went, taking turns being the chaser and chase-ee. We probably played this game for 15 minutes and except for a few "peek-a-boo" breaks under the table, the movement was non-stop. As I carried Luke up to the bath, my heart beat quickly with both exertion and gratitude.

Cardiovascular endurance is just one of many question marks you live with when you have a child with a congenital heart defect. No one can predict how these single ventricle kids will tolerate exercise. The research is typically vague: "At one end of the spectrum there are children with Fontan circulations who have participated in competitive sports such as swimming and gymnastics .... Other children may have significant limitation in their capacity for exercise. Most children fall somewhere in between the extremes." Our cardiologist has told us that if Luke is limited, it will be when he's a bit older. He should be able to play little league baseball and YMCA basketball, ride a bike and play tag at recess. He may breathe a little harder or tire out a little faster, but we don't have to stop him from running or playing.

Honestly, I would rather do without question marks, but would playing chase with my son be as sweet without them? It may have just been another activity to pass the evening hours. Instead it was a moment where I felt God's Mercy and Goodness poured out on our family. Thank you, Lord, for the question marks in our lives!

Luke and Marcus pondering life's Question Marks in the backseat of my scorchin' hot minivan.


  1. Beautiful entry, Jes. Just putting it all in perspective : )

  2. EVERYTHING Elijah does is the sweetest thing on Earth to me. Having your 2-yr-old getting into absolutely everything might drive some parents nuts. I tear up when I see it. It's all so so sweet. I guess it's one of the good aspects of dealing with this disease. I'm so glad you had your little fun moment with Luke that you appreciated with all your heart.

    Have a nice weekend! Hugs to the sweet boy. xoxo

  3. I cried when reading this...lately I've been having a difficult time thinking that Maddie won't get to enjoy the simple joys of physical activity and sports. I was running the other day and it hit me, will she even be able to do this? Kindof fell apart thinking of that since I enjoy running and LOVED it as a little girl. The freedom we feel... So thank you for sharing this, it did make me feel better and know that I'm not the only one who worries about this. You're so right, God has blessed us immeasurably with these babies, His love has been enduring and will be forever.

    We would LOVE to have visitors at Maddie's cath! Yes, it's in Seattle, scheduled 1st case on Wed. March maybe that afternoon or evening? They told us to prepare on staying that night in the hospital with her after her cath. I'd love to see you guys again and it would help pass the time. Just call me and we can work something out. Take care! Hugs to you friends!!!
    Katie & Maddie

  4. Amen on that! Since heart surgery, we now delight in his non-stop motion...thanks be to God for the question marks..may we never take them for granted.