Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh. Gotta pray

Luke's most recent catchphrase is "Oh, gotta pray." This usually pops out of his mouth at mealtimes, but not just at the beginning of mealtimes. He requests our prayers for each item on his plate and often what's in his cup. Ketchup, corn, nothing goes un-prayed for. And believe us, he will remind you if you forget!

The last few days, these prayer requests have expanded beyond food items, to our cars, his motorized school bus and the cat. Now, I know Luke is two and cannot theologically reason with the best of them, but the more I think about it, the more I'm wondering if this is exactly what Jesus means when he tells us to "pray without ceasing."

To be honest, my first inclination was to teach Luke that we don't need to pray for every single food item, or that we can pray for people instead of objects. But the more I stop with him to pray for school buses and cats, the more I realize that this is how God wants us to pray! Yes, we will continue to pray for the "big" stuff: Luke's Fontan, his heart health, our families and friends, those suffering from poverty, etc...but why stop there? It's so easy to forget to give Him praise for the beds we sleep in, our refrigerator full of food, the internet that connects heart families.

My prayer today? That Luke's desire to "gotta pray" would not be a passing catchphrase. That his child-like faith would grow with him and God would continue to use him to teach these old dogs new tricks!

And a prayer request for all YOU out there ... Luke has a double ear infection, nasty cough and a case of the grumpies. Would you pray that he fights this bug without any complications? Thank you!


  1. Great reminder, Luke! Praying for the ear infection to be better soon too!

  2. thank you, luke! and i hope he's feeling better, too.

  3. This is so sweet. I love it. Thanks for the reminder, Luke, that we should all be praying like you! We will most definitely say some prayers for the ear infections. Yucky. xooxo