Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Destination: Puyallup

Our home was this year's location for the Smith Family Christmas/Birthday/Reunion celebration (I know, that's a lot of celebrating in one weekend!). Roger's parents, older brother and three girls drove over from Spokane, Washington and his younger brother, wife and three boys flew in from Ohio.

Much coloring ...

Reminiscing ...

Laughing ...

K'necting ...

and honoring was had.

But wait, you say, what was Luke doing during all this wonderful family time? Three things, mainly:

Whining, clinging and being plain ol' miserable. My niece Samantha (who took all the above gorgeous pictures) surprisingly captured a snapshot when Luke was not attached to my hip (just my feet).

Luke started throwing up the night before everyone was scheduled to arrive and pretty much felt crummy the entire weekend. Not one to want to miss the festivities, he would muster the energy to try and play with his cousins, but would quickly melt and cry to go back to "Mama's bed, watch Wall-E."

Despite Luke being Mr. Sicky Pants, the weekend was wonderful. Rog and I felt so blessed to be able to host our family and have everyone under one roof. On Saturday night, even more family came over to celebrate Roger's dad's 80th birthday. 22 people came to honor Russ and his impact in all of our lives.

I am blessed to have such wonderful in-laws. Thank you for loving the Lord and loving us!

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  1. What an awesome celebration! Great pic of everyone. Yucky about the sicky little boy. :( I hope he is feeling better. When Elijah is sick (and even when he's not), it takes the jaws of life to tear him away from my arms.

    Have a good day! xoxo