Sunday, March 22, 2009

How sweet it is

In my opinion, life doesn't get much better than when your child returns to the child you knew before double ear infections turned him into an amoxicillin-resisting grumpy-head.

We happily threw away the amoxicillan bottle this morning after his last dose, which probably makes his dentist the happiest of all. Many M&M's were consumed to help the medicine go down ...

Welcome back, Luke. We hope you stay a while!


  1. glad to hear you're done with that stuff! Lindsay is currently on it, and she LOVES it!

  2. HORRAY for feeling better! It's spring... the icky RSV junk is on it's way OUT. It's time to enjoy the outdoors, stay healthy and find a reason to eat more M&M's besides just helping the medicine go down!

  3. Isn't that such a wonderful feeling? We're still waiting for it, after an entire winter of sickness. It will be so sweet!