Thursday, April 3, 2008

Recent pictures

I wanted to post a few recent pictures of our little hero.

Tooth report: Luke has his 4 top teeth, 2 bottom teeth,
and 2 molars have just come through (ouch!)

He loves to play with his blocks! How could he
not? One of his grandpas is a home builder and
another is an architect!

He loves to "read" his books

Enjoying his bananas and soynut butter

Luke's Synagis "graduation" gift — very apropos!

1 comment:

  1. luke's arms look so strong--you must also have him lifting to put on extra pounds...

    i'll have to try that soynut butter--my boys have always been in the 5-15% on weight and height. i do anything to get extra calories in them--including adding a little ice cream to their oatmeal. hey, it cools it down faster, too!