Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tomorrow's Weigh-in

Tomorrow's the big "weigh-in" with our dietician. I asked Rog this morning what techniques wrestlers use who have to put on some quick pounds before their match and then suggested we do likewise =) I am feeling okay about the appointment — not an overwhelming amount of anxiety. I know that's because the Lord is working on my heart to continue to trust in Him. I would love to see an increase, but I also know that Luke looks fantastic, he's happy and has loads of energy. Those factors "outweigh" what the scale says. Wow, so many pun opportunities!

We make a quick stop at the infusion clinic first at 8:45am for Luke's last Synagis shot of the season. One more, buddy! Then we head upstairs to meet with Judy, our dietician at 9am. I'm thankful that Rog gets to go with me tomorrow, since he's on Spring Break. I will post after our appointment to let you know how it goes. Thanks for your prayers!

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