Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kindergarten: Week 2

Feeling so thankful this morning for our sweet neighbors. Each morning this week, Luke has had someone to make this long walk to his class' line with a friend from the neighborhood. Above is sweet Ari walking Luke back to his kindergarten line. When Ari walk him back, it's a miracle, there are no nerves! He just jumps right out of the car, comparing whose backpack is heavier.

A miracle, or a tiny little crush?

And speaking of this picture, how can my son be so grown up and so little at the same time?

School is going really well. We are settling in a bit more to a morning routine and we have managed to be one time each day! The afternoon crabbies are also getting a little better as Luke adjusts to going to school every day ("What?!" He says to me on Friday morning. "I have to go to school TODAY?")

Yesterday, Laney and I made our way down to the bus stop at the entrance to our neighborhood a minute or so before 11:45. 11:45 ... 11:50 ... 11:55 ... still no bus. I finally called the school at noon to see if I should be concerned or not. The secretary hadn't heard anything but said she'd call me right back. When she did, she informed me the bus had already been by, but since there was no one waiting for Luke, it kept going. She said the driver would be looping back around shortly to drop him off. Whoops. Rookie kindergarten mom mistake.

Thankfully Luke was fine and actually appreciated the extra long bus ride. Usually he's the first drop off so I think this was kind of a treat for him. For the bus driver? She gets a famous Puyallup Fair scone tomorrow.

We have a meeting next Wednesday with the school counselor and Luke's teacher, to go over his drafted 504 plan. It will be good to once again touch base about Luke's special heart and make sure we're all on the same page. Thankful everyone at Shaw Road has been so accommodating and receptive.

And one final thankful. I received this email from Luke's preschool and pre-K teacher this morning:
Good Morning Jesse,

How is Kindergarten is going for Luke?  I've been thinking of him ever since school started.  I hope he's loving it and his teacher already realizes what an extra special little boy he is!

Love to you and your family,

In so many ways, I see God's hand of provision on Luke's life. And I give Him glory.

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