Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cardiology appointment tomorrow: Prayers requested!

We just scheduled Luke's next cardiology appointment for this Friday morning. It's about a month early, but because our insurance rolls over to a new plan October 1, an earlier appointment benefits us. I have the pit-in-the-gut right now. Blegh. Luke's been a little congested, and therefore a little blue and winded, which always increases my anxiety about his heart health. I know we got a great report not five months ago, but this is also a world in which things can change fast.

Take Addison. She had her Fontan a year ago and has been doing just great. Three weeks ago her echocardiogram looked beautiful. Today? She is listed as 1A in the Cardiac ICU, needing a new heart immediately. She had a myocardial infarction heart attack last week and is a very sick girl.

I share that for two reasons: One, because this girl needs our prayers. But also because we have a choice. And of the two choices — fear or faith — we can only choose one.

A Charles Swindoll devotional was handed to me and Roger a couple of days ago by a friend ... and this before he even knew about Luke's upcoming appointment. It talks about the two choices we have each day (sometimes each moment!). One is a "monster" (the emotion of fear); the other a pillar (the decision of faith).
"In order to trust God perfectly, we must see our situations through eyes of faith, not our feelings. Either the Lord is sovereign and in full control, or He's off His throne altogether."
I could so easily let the emotion of tomorrow's appointment, and the tragedy of Addison's situation distract me from God's sovereignty. That He is Who He says He is, that His promises are sure and that He is going before us tomorrow.

He already knows what Luke's echocardiogram is going to show. He already knows what his sat's are going to be. The more I replay this truth in my mind, the more it reaches my heart and calms my fears. When that pit in my stomach tells me to run and hide, when my emotion leans toward anger at the unfairness of Luke's heart defect, I am going to choose the pillar of believing God is in charge.

Please pray with us for another good report on Luke's heart. This will also be our first appointment with our new cardiologist, so prayers for peace and like-mindedness would also be appreciated!

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