Friday, September 7, 2012

177 more days

Day One is in the books. It was a good, good first day of school for Luke. No tears (for him or me!) and a hope that tomorrow would be even longer. I am definitely taking that as a good sign.

Parents were invited to come into the classroom with the kids in the morning for a "Meet and Greet". Mr. Independence walked in with me. He wanted no help hanging up his backpack, taking out his school supplies, and finding his desk.

After the parent/child activity, the kids were invited to rug time to hear Mrs. Suther read "First Day Jitters". Luke raised his hand honestly when she asked the kids if anyone was nervous. If I weren't holding Laney, I might have raised my hand too. After the story, I told Luke I was going to go and he bravely said "Bye, Mom." So I went. I walked out to my car and thanked the Lord for my sweet boy.

Day Two: My son is officially a kindergartener. And the nerves officially hit on this morning. I predicted these nerves would hit Monday, but they came sooner than that. It broke my heart to watch him battle his fear and fight tears. I agreed to walk him to his classroom door and after making sure his teacher would call me if she needed to, he walked into his room. It reminded me a little of a walk toward the gallows.

I reminded him that he has felt this nervous tummy before and that as soon as he was in his class, it would go away.

I reminded him that he knew his teacher and that she would take care of him today.

I reminded him that I would be there after school, waiting for him.

And then he reminded me where our strength comes from:

We were walking back to his line where his teacher picks him up. "Luke, remember last year at Pre-K, and I would say to you, 'I'll see you at 11:30!' and that would help you? What should I say this morning that might help you?"

"I think I just want to pray."

Oh my word. How many times do I struggle through a situation, looking inward for a solution that may or may not work. Why is my first response not to pray first EVERY TIME?

So, as we walked toward his line, I prayed for him. His fear didn't disappear instantly or completely, but I think we both felt a bit more peaceful. And I knew that he knew God was going before him.

I may have a college degree, but my kindergartener was much wiser than me today.

You know what else he was today?

A bus-rider! The first thing he said to me after he got off was, "That was so short!" We'll see if he feels the same way in February :)

Now it's Day Three. Drop-off was much better today. I did agree to walk him to his classroom door again, but it was a happy walk rather than clingy. We saw all of his neighborhood friends before the bell which I know helps him a ton. He loves being like the older kids and they all are so good with him. "Hey Luke! Have a great day, Luke!" Big hugs and high fives eased the nerves this morning.

School is almost out so I am going to go meet the bus and give my kindergartener a huge hug.

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