Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Practice makes perfect?

We sure hope this old adage holds true tomorrow during Luke's EKG. The past two appointments we have had zero luck getting him through the EKG, so we've skipped that altogether (with Dr. Stefanelli's blessing of course). This week we stopped by Dr. S's office to grab some EKG stickers for practice.

You may agree when I say we are pretty confident Luke has conquered his fear of EKG stickers!

Fetal echo is at 9am and Luke follows at 10am. Your prayers are so appreciated. You have no idea.


  1. prayers on their way! hope you can sleep tonight!

  2. Praying for God's sovereignty to reign and bring peace to you... and to Luke! Looking forward to your next update!
    Heart hugs,

  3. Thinking of you lots...with many prayers being sent your way too! Can't wait to hear what you're having and hear all about your appointments. Busy day for you!!! Hugs Jesse!

  4. Best of luck today! Saying many, many, many prayers!!!

  5. Prayed for you and your whole family this morning. So thankful we have a sovereign God!

  6. Thinking of you... lots of love and prayers!