Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas goings-ons

There's not much Luke isn't liking about all the Christmas preparations ... He would decorate a tree all day long if you let him. I think Christmas would be absolutely perfect for our little man minus one small detail ... SANTA. Luke has stated very clearly that he DOES NOT WANT Santa to come to our house. And if you suggest he ask Santa for something, he'll tell you, "Oh, I'll just ask for that for my birthday" (which, smart boy knows, is two weeks later).

So here are some pictures of our pre-Christmas fun (but don't look for one of Luke sitting on Santa's lap!)

 Nothing like the scent of a Christmas tree!

Helping Dad cut down the tree

 This kid is no miser with his sprinkles!

And every good baker has to taste his creations

Opening his first chocolate from his Advent calendar. It is so hard to only have one per day!

Hanging the stockings (that Santa better not fill!)

Decorating our big, beautiful tree last night! Serious business.

Hope all your Christmas goings-ons are blessed and merry!


  1. Oh my goodness, I had the best laugh thinking about Luke NOT wanting Santa to come to his house!! Wow, I can't believe Luke is going to be four already!?! If you have time after the holidays, I would love to get together for coffee and talk about how transitioning to preschool has been going for you. I think I am going to need a major pep talk. I haven't even been able to to talk myself into leaving Gracie at the church daycare during services so I'm not sure how I'm going to handle preschool next fall! Glad to see you guys having fun getting ready for Christmas.

  2. What Christmas memories you are creating for our amazing little man.

  3. I absolutely love his "trying" face. :)