Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Summer of Friends

Last summer, three of my dear college friends moved back to Washington State. Two from California and one from Uganda. It was my summer of friends and I loved having them back in the area (still do!). This summer, however, it's been Luke's turn to delight in the department of friendship.

There's Marcus, his "best buddy" ...

90% of the time they play so well together, jumping, roughhousing, yelling like boys do. But that 10% when they are frustrated at each other, wow, look out. But oh so quickly, they are back to laughing and being goofy.

And Ava ...

Ava is three months younger than Luke, but has opened Luke's eyes to the world of kitchenettes and hair bows (don't worry, Rog, Luke hasn't tried one on!)

And Gracie ...

Gracie lives in Seattle and anytime someone mentions that city, he'll relate it back to his friend. "By Gracie's house?" "Will we see Gracie when we go there?"

You may remember "the week of Ellie", and then there's Madison, who lives up the street from us. I have to be protective of her, or else Luke would be ringing their doorbell at 6:30 a.m. Madison is 13 and so gracious to play with Luke.

There's Alex, his best heart buddy and this summer he met Caden ...

There is nothing sweeter than time spent with a good friend. As long as there is a good referee nearby.


  1. Luke is Mr. Popular! :) I'm glad he's had such a fun summer with friends. He looks like such a big guy!

  2. Time with friends is the best. Looks like Luke is one loved little boy, by many!!