Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heart friends are the best!

Luke and his heart buddy Alex had fun playing together this morning at Alex's house. Alex's mama and I had fun chatting and watching the boys play. Okay, that's not entirely truthful. It was more that we had fun chatting while we protected Alex from Luke's wrestling moves and picked up shards of a drinking glass Luke broke.

You are the epitome of a gracious host, Dana!

Luke and Alex sharing a seat.

How sweet is Alex? He's giving Luke some love here.

Luke and Alex have very similar hearts, both diagnosed with double inlet left ventricle and both are seen at Northwest Children's Heart Center. Would you ever be able to tell these boys have had FIVE surgeries between them?

We look forward to many more play dates in the future!


  1. Oh, Jesse! How I wish we weren't thousands of miles away! We could have a TRIO of double inlet left ventricles and even more wrestling moves! Zach would love that!

    Glad to see that Luke is doing well!


  2. How wonderful!! I think it's so important for heart kids to have friends who have gone through similar struggles. I can't wait for Elijah to meet a little heart friend.

    Luke and Alex look like quite the pair! I'm glad you all had a nice visit.

  3. Looks like you guys had lots of fun and have some hilarious memories to go with! Alex is a cutie :) Hope you're enjoying the fair!!!