Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Versed, sweet Versed

Luke was just taken back to the cath lab, carried by Dr. Boorman, the anesthesiologist. If you know Luke, you know that that only happened because a) Dr. Boorman is a familiar member of the family, or b) Luke had his Versed 20 minutes before.

We are so thankful that transition from Mom and Dad to the anesthesiologist went so well. Everything has gone well so far this morning, and Luke has been a trooper. He actually woke up super early this morning, and when Rog was getting up and into the shower he said, "You ready to go see Dr. Chris pretty soon?" And Luke yelled, "All right! Let's go see him!" That was a pretty sweet way to start a long day.

Dr. Stefanelli did prepare us he may want to keep Luke overnight tonight, since after an angioplasty, his blood pressure could be elevated for a while. If everything stabilizes out by early evening, there's a chance we could go home, but most likely we'll rest our heads here tonight.

Keep those prayers coming!

Best Versed moment: Rog carried Luke and Luke's hospital crib carried all our bags as we were escorted up by the cath lab nurse to the 7th floor. In the elevator, he got a little giggly and asked in a slurred voice, "Why is that bed in the elevator with us?" Be safe, sweet boy.


  1. Your title alone made me chuckle! Thank God for happy drugs!!!

  2. Love it :) That Versed sure is some good stuff for these sweet boys!

    Praying for a successful cath and a short hospital stay, if any at all!