Monday, June 7, 2010

To cath or not to cath?

God continues to stretch our family's faith muscle, in big ways and small. He continues to ask us to put His plans above ours and to trust Him above all else.

About two and a half weeks ago, Luke started coming down with a cold, but it never got worse than a stuffy nose and some coughing in the night. We thought for sure he'd be healthy as a horse come this week, as we approach his cath date. Well, this stuffy nose has hung on stubbornly, so I put a call in to Dr. Stefanelli this morning to let him know. He is willing to take a look and listen to him tomorrow afternoon before making a decision as to whether we go forward on Wednesday or not.

We ask for prayer for 1) God's perfect timing for Luke's cath, and 2) God to give Dr. Stefanelli wisdom when we go in tomorrow.


  1. Praying for God's will and Luke's health and safety!!

  2. Sovereign Lord, You created Luke and you know his needs right now. Please guide Luke's dr to make the best decision and help Jesse and Roger to simply trust You. In Your strong name, Amen.

    Heart hugs,

  3. Hi Jess, I will definitely be praying for Lukey and you guys!