Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddy's the Man

Roger and Luke have this game where Rog asks, "Who's the man?" Luke will then yell, "Mommy's the man!" which sets off a round of tackling/wrestling/squealing. The roughhousing ends when Luke finally concedes that Daddy is in fact the man.

I knew when I dated, then married "the man", that in the world of fatherhood, he would be one of the greats. And I wasn't wrong.

 Roger meeting Luke for the first time.

This is a dad who, when our son was in the NICU and the nurses would phone our parent room every three hours through the night because baby boy was hungry, came with me every single time to nurse Luke. Just to sit there and be with me and his brand-new son.

This is a dad who teaches by example what it looks like to live with integrity.

This is a dad who does not treat Luke any differently because of his heart defect. It is important to this dad that Luke not use his heart defect as an excuse.

This is a dad who works 1 1/2 jobs to provide for his family, yet comes home by 5 p.m. most nights to spend quality time with Luke (and give mom time to go to the gym!).

This is a dad who: changed diapers (more than his fair share!), changed formula bags for Luke's feeding pump, pulled countless syringes full of heart meds, and was every bit as involved in sleep training and potty training as I was.

This is a dad who seeks God's wisdom in parenting, and prays for his son daily.

This is a dad who Luke adores.

We love you, Daddy! Happy Father's Day!


  1. This is such a great post!! I love it! Nothing better than a great heart dad. :)
    Happy Fathers Day,
    Jenny- mom to Aly, HLHS

  2. Beautiful tribute to a great Daddy. Like you, I feel blessed by the man who is the father to our sons, my husband and my best friend.

  3. Great post... LOVE IT! It's amazing how much more we can fall in love with our husbands when we watch them as fathers.

  4. Oh yes please do put us on the list. I'm sorry I forgot my manners and just added you to mine, I hope that's alright...?

  5. What a wonderful dad!! You guys sure are lucky!