Tuesday, May 11, 2010

McDreamy Meets McCohen

This picture is just so cool!

Heart Center co-director and cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Gordon Cohen (Luke's heart surgeon!) shows Patrick Dempsey around the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU). Children's is one of only a few centers nationwide to have a dedicated ICU for cardiac patients.

Patrick Dempsey was just in the Pacific Northwest yesterday, helping raise money for Seattle Children's Heart Center. If you paid $1,000 you got to ride in a race car with McDreamy. All of the proceeds went directly to Children's Heart Center.

Thank you, Mr. Dempsey ... you have no idea how much your support of this incredible center means to us!

I got to see this center in action again today as I went up to visit with Maddie's mom and dad as she underwent her 4th heart cath. We are praying for you, Maddie!


  1. That's so cool!! I love some McDreamy!! :)

  2. Wow!!!!! That is very very cool!

  3. I saw something about this, recognized Luke's docs name, and thought of you guys!!!!!!!! :)