Monday, May 24, 2010

Cath News

Luke's angioplasty (the technique of mechanically widening a narrowed or obstructed blood vessel) has been scheduled. We will wake Luke bright and early the morning of June 9. Thankfully, we're first case of the day and extra-thankfully, Luke's favorite meal of the day is far from breakfast ("Can I just have chocolate-covered raisins?"). That is all good news on the staving off hunger pangs front.

As Rog and I talked about this upcoming procedure, there was that piece of us, of course, that hates the thought of sending your child into an uncomfortable and scary situation. But, we also couldn't help reflecting on the past almost-three years at home after Luke's second open-heart surgery. Luke has been incredibly healthy and strong and hasn't had one hospital admittance in that time. Not one. So as much as we don't want to send Luke to the cath lab, it didn't take long for us to remember how often God has showed up in this journey with Luke. And we know He will again. He will be guiding Dr. Stefanelli's hands. He will be in the touch of a nurse in the recovery room. He will wait with us in the waiting room.

That's just what He does.


  1. Jesse,
    We'll be thinking of Luke, and sending every positive and loving thought in his direction. And to you and Roger, too, for strength in the face of adversity, for grace under pressure, for the love that will pour out from your heart to Luke's. We're with you.

  2. I know you guys are dreading sending Luke for another procedure, but you have such an amazing outlook. Luke is blessed to have such incredible parents.

    Lots of prayers coming your way...for you all, and especially Luke and his medical team!


  3. It's easy to forget about our blessings when we are faced with a little bit of fear. (Three years without hospital time is great, by the way!!) I'm glad you have a date on the calendar and soon you will be past it! We will put this upcoming cath on our prayer list. Luke will be well taken care of. xo

  4. Jesse,
    Zach lifts up all his "heart buddies" each night at prayer time. We will be sending some extra special ones in preparation for Luke's procedure. He is so healthy and strong and will be in God's strong hands!
    Heart hugs,

  5. I'll put you on the calendar and be praying for you all. It's never easy going back to the hospital, but it is nice to know Luke is going in a healthy and robust boy! We'll be praying for all to go smoothly.