Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is Luke's current "Say cheese!" smile and I love it:


Luke and I visited his potential pre-school this morning. It meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings in a small Lutheran church just up the road from our house (the same Lutheran church where I learned to ride my bike). We were able to watch the parent drop-off process, visit Miss Vera's classroom for 20 minutes or so and then get a tour of the rest of the building. I couldn't believe the happy feeling I got as I pictured Luke with his little backpack, the art projects brought home, the making of new friends.

We still have some work  to do before fall in helping Luke feel more confident when Mom and Dad leave, but I think we can get there. His problem is definitely not shyness. He has surprised me lately with how social he is, how he jumps right in to social settings and how much he seems to genuinely like people. I am so thankful to see this outgoing side of him develop. I was painfully shy through elementary school (I wouldn't even take my coat off the first two weeks of kindergarten!) and am hopeful Luke won't have such a hard time in new situations. Nope, shyness isn't the problem. The problem is simply that he hasn't had enough practice. So, we'll practice in church this spring and summer and we'll get there and I cannot wait to post pictures of Luke on his first day of school, proudly wearing his backpack. I'll withhold the pictures of me, crying like a baby because my baby is growing up.


  1. Isn't is amazing how emotional we get about that? I'm so glad the visit went well.

  2. Jesse,
    Love the "cheesy" grin!
    As we think toward 4K next fall, I get all weepy, too. We go in a couple of weeks for testing for our public school 4K right across the street.
    Glad your visit went well and we'll be praying that Luke continues to open his "social butterfly wings".
    Heart hugs,

  3. He's so darn cute. I love his cheesy grin :) Glad you're pursuing preschool this fall. He'll love it and you will grow to love it too. I too, bawled when Jace had his first day. Kinder too. It's just such a "reminder" of how fast time is flying by and for your little Luke, how much he's overcome to get to go to preschool! It makes it that more special. Enjoy :)

  4. LOVE the grin!! I couldn't send Kamryn to preschool... I just couldn't muster up the strength. Pathetic. :) Kindergarten was hard enough!

    I can't wait to see the pictures of Luke this fall!!

  5. Oh what a big boy, getting ready for preschool! Sounds like we have very similar situations...both of us were shy and both our boys are NOT! I am sure preschool will be great for Luke and I am sure he will adjust quickly. More quickly than you think! That is how it was for us, anyway.

    I love the CHEESE smile!!! :)

  6. Which preschool? My good friend has 2 of her girls in the preschool at the Pilgrim Lutheran Church and are very happy. If that is the one, he will be in good hands.

  7. Oh my gosh, he looks so big! How do they grow up so fast??!!