Thursday, January 7, 2010

Will you help us celebrate Luke's birthday?

I have been in memory-preserving mode lately, trying to organize photos and keepsakes. In the same vein, I would love to put together a collage or book of some sort of people's comments to him on his big THIRD birthday (Saturday the 9th). Would you help me?

Please leave a comment for Luke to help celebrate this huge milestone. Thank you, thank you!

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  1. Happy Birthday Luke! We can't believe you are already THREE! We know God has BIG plans for such a special little guy like you! We pray your birthday and upcoming year is filled with many blessings! You certainly are a blessing to all who know you!

  2. Luke, you are an inspiration to us. To see how you are growing up so big and strong gives us hope for our little buckaroo Jared who has similar heart issues to you. How blessed you are from your Heavenly Father to be given two parents that love the Lord Jesus and adore you so much. Peace and love Luke!

  3. Great to see,
    You've made it to birthday #3
    Soon you'll have fun
    Joining us for a run

    Happy Birthday Lukas

  4. Luke,
    Your strength is inspiring... your smile is a blessing. Wishing you a blessed 3rd Birthday!

  5. Mr. Luke! You are 3 years old today and you are an amazing, big boy! You are one of my heroes because you make me see what it means to be a super heart kid! That makes my heart happy and I can't wait for you to teach Tiernan everything you know about being brave and funny and strong! God bless you sweet boy. Happy birthday.
    Love, Miss Carolyn

  6. Luke,

    The Hannah family wishes you a happy 3rd Birthday. You are such a courageous young man.

    Tim, Corina, Peyton, Megan, Henry & Andrew

  7. Happy Birthday Luke!! I can remember when my boys turned 3. It is such a wonderful age to be. Have an extra scoop of ice cream because you are getting so big!

  8. Happy Birthday Luke!!

    I have enjoyed reading all about you. You're such an inspiration to my little boy Derrick, who has a special heart much like yours. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and may all your wishes come true!

    Big heart hugs,
    Shannon Carter

  9. Happy third birthday, Luke! You light up the world and we're all excited to see what wonders you bring in the upcoming year. Cheers, Cristy, David and Mirabel

  10. Happy Birthday Luke! You are a blessing in the lives of everyone who knows you and your parents. You are loved and prayed for all over the world!

  11. Happy Birthday Big boy.

  12. Thank you for blessing me with Luke's blog - I am so encouraged. Happy Birthday Luke!!!!

  13. Happy birthday to the handsome boy! I can't believe you are going to be three already! Elijah is just a few months behind you. We are excited to walk your journey with you and to see what this next year has to bring. I enjoy reading all about you (and your parents) and I'm so glad Elijah has a little heart bud like you! Maybe someday we can all meet in person.

    Happy day to you!!! xo
    Megan, Dan & Elijah

  14. Dear Luke,
    Happy birthday! We remember playing with you at our house. We liked riding in the wagon with you. We hope you have a happy birthday. What kind of cake are you having? Where are you having your party?
    Happy birthday.
    Love, Caleb and Ryan
    P.S. We remember seeing you at the train show. Did you like Thomas?

  15. Happy Birthday, Luke. You will have to check three out and tell Natalie how much fun it can be! Hope we get to actually meet you before you turn four!
    The Hands
    Tim, Angie, Heidi, Jessica, Natalie and Craig

  16. Happy Birthday Luke! You've grown so big and strong, and you are already turning three! You have the best smile...and the best Momma and Daddy around!
    Michelle & Eric

  17. Wishing you a very happy third Birthday, Luke! You are one special little guy and we love keeping up with the sweet stories your mom shares about you on your blog. All the Best, Jen & Gracie

  18. Lukey - You are my heart, my hero, my friend, my playmate, my inspiration, my grandson! Life doesn't get much better than snuggling in Nona's bed, all warm and cozy - reading books, talking, singing, and then just watching you as you drift off to sleep. You make me laugh out loud every day. Our treks around the neighborhood, exploring and talking, are pretty special too (even standing at the mailbox and opening and shutting it a hundred times as we check for mail). Watching you grow and develop is pure joy. I am sending you millions of hugs and kisses and tickles on this third birthday.

  19. Happy 3rd birthday Luke! You are a light to all who know you! May God continue to bless you as you grow in him.


  20. Happy birthday Luke. I am glad that you are my friend. Ask your mom if you can come over and play soon.

    Your friend,

    Alex Missel
    Another Heart baby

  21. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday big, strong, handsome Luke, Happy birthday to you. We love you. Hope your day is the best.

    Much love,

    Joe, Dana, and Alex Missel

  22. Happy Birthday to you Luke! I can't believe you're already 3, what a big boy you are! I hope you have a wonderful day full of fun!

  23. I have witnessed your life, Lukie boy, through your Nona..because every day we talk about our families and Lukie! You are one very lucky boy to have such a fabulous and involved grandmother..she puts the rest of us "grandmothers" to shame! You are a cutie pie..and you have a wonderful family! Happy 3rd birthday! from: Grandma Joan

  24. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Mister Lukie. Happy birthday to you!!! All my love.


    (someday when you want a fun story or two about your mom, let me know)

  25. Happy Birthday to our very cute heart buddy! We are so glad to share in this journey with you and know that only the Lord could have brought our paths together. Luke, you are a very special little boy and God has so much in store for you. We've loved getting to know you and your mama, and we think you're a real smart guy and quite the character!!! May you have a blessed 3rd birthday and year!!! Horray, yippee...Luke's turned 3:)
    Heart hugs and love to you,
    The Allreds
    Bryan,Katie,Jace,Cade & Maddie

  26. Luke...

    You are an amazing boy! In your 3 short years on earth, you have already taught us a million lessons in patience, kindness and faith. It has been a blessing to watch you grow into such a smart, funny boy and we've only come to know you through your Mom's blog for you. You are lucky to have such a great Mommy and Daddy and they are even luckier to have you!!


  27. Happy Birthday Lukey!!! You are so loved my friend! You have brought me so many smiles in the last three years! Your mommy and daddy tell the best stories of you :) Hope you had a wonderful birthday with your friends and family! Love you Luke!


  28. Happy 3rd birthday Luke! I can't believe it's already been 3 years. You are a precious little boy. Truly a gift from God!

  29. Oh, Luke, is it possible that you are already three? It seems like only moments ago you were making your way into the world and taking your first breaths. How was I to know then that you'd grow so quickly into this sharp, busy, eager little boy who seems to live by the motto, "See, do, go, BE"? Your ability to live so fully and freely in each moment serves as a reminder of the precious innocence in all of us and, above all, I am so grateful I have you to teach me that "pip" can be a satisfactory answer to any tough question. Thank you for being you! I love you so much, Lukey. Happiest 3rd birthday.

  30. "Hap Bir Day To U Wuke! Lu U Wuke!"
    Thanks for being such a great buddy! - Marcus
    You are a warrior & we all love you so much! You have such an adventurous spirit & never cease to make us laugh! Happy 3rd Birthday Big Boy!
    Love & Blessings,
    David, Erica & Marcus McNicol

  31. Happy Birthday Luke! You are such an inspiration for our family and our little Jacob. Keep growing strong and happy!! Wishing you many blessings this year.

    The Golding Family