Thursday, January 21, 2010


This little boy:

is, two and a half years later, a master of the potty!

PTW (Potty Training Weekend) was a slam dunk. The best advice we received about potty training was to wait, wait, wait until you're sure your child is ready. I'm sure that is why the weekend was so successful. It was three days of stickers, high-fives, whoops of encouragement and lots of family activities. It was, believe it or not, fun. Each time Luke was successful in the potty, he would get a sticker. Every seven stickers, we would let him pick something fun to do, or let him pick what he wanted for dinner, etc.

On day 2 of potty training, we decided to push the envelope and drive up to Seattle (a 45 minute drive) to return some rugs we had ordered. I was pretty sure the Potty Training book did not recommend this, but we felt like walking on the wild side. Luke was a superstar all the way up and back. He did have one accident, but that was technically our fault. We got a little over-confident and sat down to lunch without taking him to the potty first. At least these over-zealous potty trainers did remember to bring an extra set of underwear and pants. He was so ready to be potty trained, he's even keeping his Pull-ups dry at nap.

Three days after potty training weekend, Luke is a pee-pee pro. And now I'll stop talking about it, since my poor son will not appreciate this documentation when he's older.


  1. What a huge milestone! CONGRATS, Luke!!! (And you, too, Mom and Dad.) We are still wait wait waiting for that "right" time, as I don't think it has occurred yet. Hoping to follow in your footsteps soon, though!

    I saw your note about being in Mpls in August! YAY! I would absolutely love to meet you and I will plan on it. How exciting! Super exciting for your friend, too, who is having twins.

    Give that pottying boy a big hug for me! Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  2. First of all...I love seeing that tiny baby Luke picture and second, you all are awesome! He's so successful because his mommy and daddy are great!

  3. I've seen Rog wear those same underwear at camp :)

    Love ya

  4. You crack me up! I sure hope Natalie has success like that. I'm sure that I'm waiting now, because I have nightmares of potty training the older two. They must not have been that ready. Way to go! You weren't the overzealous first-time mom that I was and started too early.