Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where's mama goin'?

I love to exercise. I love to run, mostly, but really I enjoy most all activity. Circuit training, biking, elliptical, (did I mention running?). And I'm sure I would like Zumba or Spoga (what's Spoga?) if I gave them a try.

I'm thankful that Luke has learned at a young age that exercise is worthwhile and rewarding. I'm a little worried, however, that his perception of exercise leans a little on the unhealthy side considering every time I leave him he says, "Mama's going to exercise!" Or when spending the night at Nonna and Papa's a couple of weekends ago his response to "Where did Mom and Dad go?" was, you guessed it, "To exercise!"

In the spirit of his enthusiasm for exercise, I had to share this:

And just for the record, this was not my idea!


  1. How this reminds me of my sweet little Jesse dressing up in her mama's exercise clothes. I even have pictures to prove it : ) Love you girl and that darling boy too.

  2. Can you "rub" this off on me somehow?!? I soooo need to start a routine of exercise! He's sure a cute sporty guy :)

  3. Ok, you have me laughing my pants off!! This is so cute and funny. Thanks for the giggle.