Monday, October 26, 2009

Some is better than none!

We were able to get Luke his first H1N1 vaccine today at the Mary Bridge Immunization Clinic. On Friday they got a shipment in for high-risk kids and their siblings. Despite my begging and pleading, they wouldn't give me a dose. At least Mr. Luke has will have some immunity shortly. I was relieved to hear that kids are responding well to this first dose and although they don't have peak immunity until they receive the booster, they definitely have some antibodies building up to fight this nasty virus.

Since Luke just got the seasonal flu shot about a month ago, I was a bit at a loss on how or when to tell Luke he was getting another one today. Rog and I decided to just tell him this morning we were going to get some medicine and then see the fishies (Mary Bridge has a cool aquarium that Luke really likes). He okay'd that plan and I think it worked well to not tell him he was getting a shot. We sat down in the clinic and he immediately knew what was coming. He started to whine, but the nurse was great and FAST and I think it helped that she had him look when she was done to show him "no more pinch. Just band-aid." He cried for about 10 seconds but quickly dried his tears when I suggested we go look at the fishies. Compared to the seasonal flu shot, this was a walk in the park! And now he proudly shows his band-aid and tells people, "I was so brave! I didn't cry!"

Lord, please continue to protect our family and all the heart families from H1N1!


  1. Hi Jesse,
    So glad Luke was a brave boy! We are like you - we never tell Zach about getting a shot. He figured it out for the regular flu shot when I layed him out on the exam table. He always cries more about being held down than about the actual shot. Silly boy!

    Our cardiologist did not recommend one way or the other for the H1N1 shot. I guess it doesn't matter now since we already have the flu at our house :( Big sister, Rebecca (11yrs), had it 2 weeks ago and got over it pretty quickly. I thought we were out of the woods until last Tues. when Bill (dad) started running a fever. Here we are a week later and he's still running a fever. He's not been extremely sick - but enough to make him feel yucky. Hopefully he'll be feeling better tomorrow. We've kept the sickies quarantined in their rooms so hopefully Zach won't get it. He let out one croupy sounding cough in the middle of the night last night and I just cringed, but he was fine all day today.

    Hope you all can stay healthy.


  2. I always wonder if I should tell the kids that they are going to get shots, or just spring it on them. Luckily it gets easier as they get older :)

    Glad you guys got the vaccine, we're still waiting for it to be distributed in Alabama :(

  3. I'm jealous! It looks like we are still weeks out from getting the H1N1 vaccination in MN. It makes me crazy! And our clinic doesn't do a high risk kids first sort of thing, which makes me even crazier. UGHHh!

    Anyway, I'm glad Luke got part 1 out of the way. Brave boy!!