Monday, August 3, 2009

You may be wondering... our endeavors in potty-training are going.

Take a look for yourself. I think this video says it all:

Apologies for the watermark and the terrible videography. When a camera is in sight, all Luke wants to do is "now look at it", which is what he's saying in the video. So I have to be quick and a little sneaky when I want to capture him on film.

Luke likes to do things in Luke's own time, on his own terms. Last night was the first time in a long while that he showed even a spark of interest in his froggy potty (when we first brought it home he peepee'd in it two days in a row, then nada). He came up with the idea of the potty on mom and dad's bed and a howling good time was had!

He's showing a lot of signs of being ready. We leave his diaper off for quite a while in the evening and even though he declines sitting on his potty, he does hold it until the moment he's in the bath or shower. Funny boy!

It looks like diapers are in our lives for a bit longer. With everything this kid has had to do, we're just fine letting him dictate the timing on this one!


  1. So many similarities between Luke and Elijah! I have to be sneaky with the camera because Elijah always wants to "check it out," too. And like Luke, he does things on his own time and terms indeed.

    The video cracked me up!! :)

    At least he is showing some interest in the potty. Soon he will be a pro!

  2. Wow! What a big guy!!! Missing you guys...are you coming to the heart pool party in August? Would love to meet up with you that weekend. Let's plan something :)

  3. That is too funny! You know, sometimes kids don't do as well when they think their potty is actually a toy. Bilal learned on the big potty. Might try that. Or, of course, you could give it more time :)